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At a time when more than 25 million American adults experience pain regularly1, the safe use of over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicine is more important than ever.

Through the Gut Check: Know Your Medicine campaign, the American Gastroenterological Association seeks to support adults in actively learning about their OTC pain medicines, serve as a resource for pain sufferers, and to cut the number of preventable health issues, and even deaths, that thousands of people suffer each year from taking too much OTC pain medicine. Check out the resources designed for health-care professionals:

For Your Practice


Support us in this effort by hanging the poster in your practice’s waiting room, bathroom or other high-traffic area. Click to print a standard size or contact or to request a full-size version be mailed to you, email


Share the 60-second video with your patients. Embed the video on your practice’s website or share it with your social media followers.


Download and share the frequently asked questions with your patients and staff.


To build and establish safe OTC use practices, patients and health-care professionals should work together to manage all medicines — better dialogue and earlier intervention are critical for keeping patients safe. AGA offers these tips for HCPs when they are caring for patients to help them avoid complications due to OTC pain medicine overdose:

  • Encourage patients to read and follow all medicine labels — every time they reach for something in the medicine cabinet.
  • Educate patients on the two main types of oral OTC pain medicines and make sure they know to only take one product at a time containing the same type of active ingredient.
  • Ask about all medicines your patients take, including OTC medicines, as they may not know to tell you.
  • Help your patients choose products that work for their current health situation, age and medical history. Let them know that products that worked in the past may no longer be the right choice for them now.
  • Initiate the conversation on safe OTC medicine use with your patients at every visit and encourage them to do the same with you.

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