Health-Care Professionals

The Gut Check: Know Your Medicine campaign was designed to aid gastroenterologists, hepatologists, and other health-care professionals in their effort to reduce the amount of preventable health issues that thousands of individuals face every year.

Even though overdose of pain medicines — either over-the-counter or prescription — is not a new phenomenon, it’s something that requires attention, because so many of these cases are preventable with the right education. There are a few things that health-care professionals can do the next time we see all our patients:

  • Remind patients to read and follow all medicine labels and not to exceed the recommended doses.
  • Educate patients to be aware of the active ingredients in their medications and not to double up on the same active ingredient.
  • Encourage patients to speak with us if they have any questions about their current medications or believe their treatment regimen needs to be adjusted.

Share this website with your patients, download and print the infographic to display in your office, and join us in helping patients manage their pain smarter and safer.