Know Your Medicines

The most common OTC pain medicines fall into two categories: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and acetaminophen. More than 500 OTC and prescription medications (Tylenol®, Dayquil®, Percocet®, etc.) contain acetaminophen and nearly 900 medicines are classified NSAIDs (aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, etc.).

These products may have different names but it’s important to remember that they may share the same active ingredients — ingredients that may cause harm when taken together or in excess of a maximum dose. Know your medicines.


are found in more than
OTC & prescription medicines

  • Aspirin®
  • Bayer®
  • Bufferin®
  • Advil®
  • Motrin®
  • Aleve®
  • Naproxen®
  • Anaprox®
14+ million arthritis sufferers take high doses of NSAIDs.i


is found in more than
OTC & prescription medicines

  • Tylenol®
  • DayQuil®
  • NyQuil®
  • Robitussin Cold/Cough/Flu®
  • Theraflu®
  • Percocet®
  • Midol Complete®
28+ billion doses of acetaminophen are purchased each year.ii

*When comparing these categories, it is important to clarify that medicines that do not contain an NSAID are not steroids. Many medicines do not have the word “nonsteroidal” (acetaminophen included), however, that does not mean that they contain steroids.